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The eagerness to learn and to produce great user experience is the principle that guides my work

Five year old brothers painting everywhere, even on the walls


  • at Cologne Design Academy (KDA), Germany
  • extended diploma in communication design (3 years), with honors
  • final thesis: accessible web – open up websites for the physically impaired (won 2 awards + 1 special merit letter)
  • 3 month summer school at Friends of Design
  • digital publishing course: iPad app, animated PDF, packaging redesign & branding for a pop-band
  • at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany
  • kick started my writing and storytelling skills. I also learned ancient Hebrew, ancient Greek and Latin. The roots of modern language
  • gathered deep knowledge in philosophical thinking and theories as well as people, human history and behaviors of different cultures
  • I didn’t finish this B.A. and changed to the field of communication design, simply because I realized that theology and philosophy wasn’t what I wanted to do for a living
  • 6 month internship/training at ndF Filmgesellschaft in Ellmau, Austria. Popular German TV show: der Bergdoktor ZDF
  • learned to quickly get my bearings and settle into new environments, how to design a stage and how to tell compelling stories
  • gathered insights of the creative industry and did first professional graphic design works
certificateofficial paper with stamp and seal

high school diploma (A Levels)

2003 - 2009 • focus: sociology & psychology
school bookbook with text and an arrow pointing up hovering the book

primary school

1994 - 2003


  • Worked as full time interactive developer for Hi-ReS! Berlin on an Angular dealerlocator for BMW.
  • besides learning Angular and to write end to end & unit tests, I worked on large scale applications that were deployed in more than 26 Markets including right-to-left language markets (i.e. egypt).
  • 3 months work in digital design for Edenspiekermann_ Berlin on a relaunch project of an online book community
  • assisting with extensive quantitative and qualitative user researches during the project to research usability
  • design and development of the sign-up process and on-boarding flow of new users
  • work as a designer and developer for agentur-rubbeldiekatz Bonn, Germany
  • redesign of 2 websites: outdoorgym & apt
  • 3D prototyping for i22 one of the largest web companies in western germany
  • led over a dozen creative marketing campaigns, corporate identity designs and the branding of almost all clients
  • set-runner for 2Pilots for WDR. Movie: 'Es ist alles in Ordnung' (4,8 million TV-viewer). Directed by: Nicole Weegmann. Camera: Ngo The Chau
  • assistant unit manager for Hives. An international sequel. Directed by: Simon Dolensky
  • driver for Ratten. Directed by: Viktoria Gurtovaj
  • making of for Aufstrich (289 KM). Directed by: Charlotte Marie Rolfes
  • driver & making of for 21kHz (300 Mal). Directed by: Alexandra Brodski
  • sound assistant for Gypsie. Directed by: Raluca-Maria Rusu
film workerworker with safety helmet and braces holding a movie camera

international filmschool cologne

2009 • film technology
professional supervisorworker with safety helmet, braces holding a checklist

subway germany

2012 – 2013 • supervisor
supervisorworker with safety helmet, braces and eyeglasses

holiday camp hotti ev.

2012 • honorary supervisor


Besides being creative and able to design & develop anything, the most important thing I learned over the years is to learn how to learn. That is what I improve every day by being genuinely interested in challenges. It entails being able to learn whatever is of use to solve your problem within a short amount of time. That is why I am confident to tackle anything. However, I still put up a list of


  • creativity •••
  • conception •••
  • flexibility •••
  • ambition •••
  • thrive •••
  • no coffee


  • html & css •••
  • javascript •••
  • jquery •••
  • plugins & cms •••
  • accessibility •••
  • git, gulp •••
  • nunjuck, handlebars •••
  • ES6, ES7 ••
  • angular ••
  • react ••
  • karma, jasmine, selenium •
  • ruby & rails •
  • php, python •
  • node •


  • sketch, ai, id, ps, fl •••
  • image, photo, video •••
  • icons, logos, illus •••
  • 3d (cinema 4d) ••
  • pr, ae, an ••
  • cds & cis ••
  • packaging ••
  • editorial ••
  • finishing ••
  • ableton live •


  • Schema.org •••
  • seo ••
  • branding ••
  • Sales Strategies ••
  • consulting •
  • presenting •
  • social media •


Fluent: German, French, English CAE C1 level

Learning: Japanese

Too long ago: Latin, Dutch, Hebrew, Greek


Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Tibo. How can I help you?